Basic is a video lesson series that you may watch and study at your own speed. As a part of its own church culture, every church promotes a set of core beliefs and practices. We have a few characteristics that distinguish us here at Grace. We recommend studying our BASICs classes for anybody interested in membership or learning more about who we are.

The Basic Lineup

Our 101 class focuses on our core values at Grace. We take great solace in the fact that the 5 Solas have served as a bedrock of Christian doctrine for countless generations before us. We emphasize our own perspective on each of the 5 Solas in Basic 101.


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Basic 201

Generosity is the theme of our 201 course. One of Grace's greatest strengths is that our God's generosity motivates others to be generous. Biblically distinct patterns of giving are taught throughout the Bible. We hope to follow the Bible's example in our philanthropy as closely as possible.

Basic 301

It is essential for a Christian to know their identity in Christ. In this introductory course, we will examine our identities as God's called-out kingdom citizens and as newly created beings. It's true that we'll never reach perfection, but at least we're no longer the rotting corpse we used to be.