Identifying with God

Sozo comes from the Greek word that means “wholeness”… wholeness in spirit, wholeness in soul, and wholeness in body. We believe the process of salvation involves healing the whole person: body, soul and spirit. Sozo is a tool for inner healing and especially the wounds of the soul. At times, living as Christians, we can find ourselves in conflict with the truth of scripture, not experiencing a full abundant life as promised through Christ. Sozo is a prayer-directed healing, deliverance ministry seeking to get to the root of issues preventing us from living an abundant life complete with intimate relationships with those we love and God.


The Process

The process of Sozo ministry includes prayerful questions directed to search out areas of unforgiveness; open doorways to sin and lies believed about one’s self, others, and God. Revelation from God, during the session highlights the need to forgive and be forgiven. Unforgiveness often causes us to believe lies about people, ourselves or situations. In Sozo, through forgiving, God replaces lies with truth leading the person to freedom. Jesus told us He is the truth (John 14:6), and the truth will set us free (John 8:32). This is the goal of Sozo.

THe Impact

In Sozo, we work to reveal barriers preventing intimacy with God many which were formed early in life. Because of wounding at the hands of others, intentional or not, barriers of unforgiveness can prevent us from moving forward. People often struggle to forgive those who have deeply hurt them. Many times individuals will have multiple layers of unforgiveness. In Sozo, forgiveness is always a choice.


The result of Sozo is often:

  • Free (finally) from the bondage of sin
  • Free to know and live in your true identity- how God sees you
  • Free to bear and demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Free to walk out your God-given destiny in power and in joy

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  • Sin can enter Biblically through any of the following “doors” or pathways; Hatred, Sexual Sin, Occultic Practices, Stealing (Thievery) and Fear.
  • These doors may have generational roots, cultural expressions and/or may be temptations that have been given in to in varying degrees.
  • By forgiving those who contributed to the open pathway and then renouncing the issue to God is the same way, the issue can be closed and dealt with. Only the atoning blood of Christ can forever close off any and all sin issues from our life.
  • Truth can then be accepted and assimilated. God will have an “exchange” far higher than the dead Issue we were carrying. 

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